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Red Sea Safari - November, 2010

1 week south safari, including St John's Island and Rocky Island. No sharks at all unforunately.
All photos were shot with Canon 40D and Tokina 10-17 fisheye.

Vietnam - July, 2010

I have visited Vietnam for just one week for a wedding. Unfortunately I haven't seen much outside Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) but one day I had the opportunity to visit the Mekong delta.
Anyway, I've sorted out a few shots for you :)

Sharm el Sheik - June, 2010

One week at Sharm el Sheik with daily boat trips to Ras Mohamed National Park to the south and nearby locations to the north. We have visited (among others) the following diving places: Shark & Yolanda, Middle Garden, Temple, Tower, Jackson Reef, Gordon Reef, Woodhouse Reef.
This was the first time I used the Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens which proved to be an excellent choice on a crop factor body like the Canon 40D. I also wanted to test if the +2 diopter lens makes any difference on the Canon 10-22 (better corner sharpness?) but that remains to be answered.

Red Sea Safari - October, 2009

One week deep south safari on the Red Sea. We went down as far as the Sudanian border to visit coral reefs which are a bit more preserved. The last three pictures were taken of me by Jani Halász.

Dahab, Red Sea - June, 2009

One week at Dahab, Egypt. We were diving mostly from shore at local reefs. We also had the chance to dive at the famous Blue Hole and the wreck of Thistlegrom.
Unfortunately the sea wasn't ideally clear for photography.

Tolna, Hungary - May, 2009

Again, this time with Zotyo.

Tolna, Hungary - May, 2009

The usual with FDR. Fun as always. Surprised a fox.

Cuba - March, 2009

Coming "soon"...

Red Sea Safari - November, 2008

1 week Red Sea south-safari. (Daedalus, Brothers Islands, etc.) Nearly 20 dives but I was taking photos during 5-6 dives only...with not much success. Though I'm happy about the dugong photos which are satisfying for the first time.

Hurghada, Red Sea - October, 2008

My first trip to the Red Sea to practice diving and underwater photography. I'm not very satisfied with the images but it's been a huge experience anyway.

Rovinj, Croatia - August, 2008

4 days of real fun in Croatia which deserves a few photos.

Tolna, Hungary - May, 2008

Less than 3 days of relaxing - eating and sleeping. And taking some photos in between.

Brazil - February 2008

1-week trip to Recife, Brazil to take photos of the carneval in Recife and an underwater expedition in tha same region.
Photos of the expedition are non-public.

Őrség, Hungary - December, 2007

5 peaceful days including New Year's Eve. We had nice snow but almost no sunshine at all.

Tolna, Hungary - December, 2007

Just a 3day visit at our favourite place in Somogy.
Hope to return in May.

Őrség, Hungary - November, 2007

3 days at our usual place.

Transylvania - October, 2007

A 5-day trip to Transylvania. Bad light conditions with some luck only on the very last day.

Zala - October, 2007

Just a simple weekend and a sunrise.

Zselic - October, 2007

A 4-day trip with almost no light at all because of very thick fog.
The mornings were dominated by hunters. So all together it wasn't a great opportunity to take photos but it was a relaxing few days after all.

Bükk - August, 2007

Zala - July, 2007

Tolna, Hungary - May, 2007

Pacsmag - April, 2007

Transylvania - November, 2006

Őrség - October, 2006

Tolna - August, 2006

Tolna - June, 2006

Spain - May, 2006

Őrség - May, 2006

Királyháza - 22 April, 2006

Őrség - April, 2006

Hochkar, Austria - December, 2004

Kenya, Tanzania - March, 2004

Unforgetable 3 weeks in Africa, accompanied by two friends. We've visited quite a few national parks (Masai Mara, Nakuru, Amboseli, Ngorongoro, Serengeti) and even climbed the Kilimanjaro. We've reached the highest point in whole Africa, the snow covered Uhuru Peak (5892 m) after more than 4 days of climbing. I must return one day.