Red Sea Safari - November, 2008

1 week Red Sea south-safari. (Daedalus, Brothers Islands, etc.) Nearly 20 dives but I was taking photos during 5-6 dives only...with not much success. Though I'm happy about the dugong photos which are satisfying for the first time.

Hurghada, Red Sea - October, 2008

My first trip to the Red Sea to practice diving and underwater photography. I'm not very satisfied with the images but it's been a huge experience anyway.

Rovinj, Croatia - August, 2008

4 days of real fun in Croatia which deserves a few photos.

Tolna, Hungary - May, 2008

Less than 3 days of relaxing - eating and sleeping. And taking some photos in between.

Brazil - February 2008

1-week trip to Recife, Brazil to take photos of the carneval in Recife and an underwater expedition in tha same region.
Photos of the expedition are non-public.

Őrség, Hungary - December, 2007

5 peaceful days including New Year's Eve. We had nice snow but almost no sunshine at all.

Tolna, Hungary - December, 2007

Just a 3day visit at our favourite place in Somogy.
Hope to return in May.

Őrség, Hungary - November, 2007

3 days at our usual place.

Transylvania - October, 2007

A 5-day trip to Transylvania. Bad light conditions with some luck only on the very last day.